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ADAPTOR PLATE | SSD120 N and C variants, Narco AR850

ADAPTOR PLATE | SSD120 N and C variants, Narco AR850


Tags: Avionics,Transponders & Encoders,Transponder & Encoder Accessories,EACH

SKU: 103038-B


This adaptor plate revision B is for use with the SSD120 N and C variants and a Narco AR850 (L/C) adapter. Includes stainless steel mounting hardware Approved under TSO-C88a and ETSO-C88a

Trans-Cal Industries Adapter Plate part number 103038 allows the avionics technician to quickly replace existing TCI altitude encoder model SSD120-(XX)A-(X) installations in favour of the latest model SSD120-(XX)N(X)-(X). This adapter simplifies the mechanical installation task by providing a mounting plate designed for the SSD120-(XX)N(X)-(X) while utilizing the existing SSD120-(XX)A-(X)
mounting tray. The adapter plate is manufactured from .062” thick aluminium with a chem-film treatment to inhibit corrosion. The adapter is shipped with stainless steel fastening hardware to secure the digitizer to the plate.

Please note:
The SSD120-(XX)N(X)-(X) and this adapter plate are approved under TSO-C88a and ETSO-C88a. It is the responsibility of the installer of this equipment, within a specified type or class of aircraft, to determine that the aircraft operating conditions are within TSO or ETSO standards.