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ANTENNA WIRE | Copper clad steel, Polyethylene, 6370-1

ANTENNA WIRE | Copper clad steel, Polyethylene, 6370-1

Description: 14379 Antenna Wire, Milspec Type 1

Tags: Install Supplies,Wire Cable & Accessories,Wire & Cable,Antenna Wire,FEET

SKU: 14379


This wire consists of 50-mil copper-clad steel wire conductor insulated by a 66 1/2-mil sheath of brown pigmented polyethylene with particularly high resistivity to ultra-violet deterioration, as well as outstanding electrical characteristics. This wire will withstand external corona voltages of up to 240KV without breakdown. It will also support RF line voltages in excess of 7,000 volts at 60 cps without corona onset.

Conductor Diameter:   .05”
Outside Diameter:   .18”
Strength:   250 lb.
Weight:   .274 oz. per ft.