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ARTEX ROD ANTENNA | Tri-band, Dual Input (White)

ARTEX ROD ANTENNA | Tri-band, Dual Input (White)

Description: Rod Antenna, Tri-Band, Dual Input, 121.5, 243 & 406 MHz.

Tags: Avionics,Antennas,ELT Antennas,EACH

SKU: 110-320


Tough, glass-reinforced polyester housing covers our innovative Tri-Band technology, bringing 121.5, 243, and 406 MHz into a compact package. This highly efficient antenna offers 10 dB of isolation between ports. The CI 317 provides a dual connector configuration for those installations that require this set-up. Designed to meet the Eurocae ED 62 flame test.

Two Models Available:

  • 110-320 (white)
  • 110-320-04 (black)