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Air Pressure Switch, Normally closed, 0503DC-BP-0006

Air Pressure Switch, Normally closed, 0503DC-BP-0006


Tags: Avionics,Instruments & Clocks,Pressure Switches,EACH

SKU: 0503DC


MPL 500 Series switches offer pressure, vacuum, and differential sensors, sensitive to as low as 0.05 in/H 2 O. Air Pressure Switch that activates between 120-125 knots. Their accuracy and reliability offer the designer an excellent general purpose low pressure to electric interface for monitoring and control applications. Miniature size and low cost make the 500 Series ideal for OEM applications.


  • Diaphragm material can be selected for the operating medium, temperature range, and other parameters
  • Actuation point can be moderately adjusted by the designer
  • Designed for low current and logic applications ( LED indicators, solid state relays)
  • 10 to 20mA loads ensure reliable switching (Varistor or R-C snubber recommended for inductive loads)
  • Heavier loads require the use of interface devices such as solid state relays
  • Features an integral triac


  • NEMA 0.020" x 0.187" male tabs are standard
  • Low-profile terminals for 18-22 gage wire
  • Optional bifurcated terminals accept 0.020" x 0.187" or 0.020" x 0.110" female quick disconnects
  • Terminals are available for printed circuit board mounting.
  • Custom applications requiring elongated terminals, tinning, and custom wiring can also be accommodated.


  • The diaphragm functions as both sensor and seal
  • Dynamic applications, the diaphragm provides an adequate seal
  • Static applications, a secondary internal gasket will ensure a near bubble tight seal