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DFQ40K Digital AC Fuel Quantity Tester (RCM)

DFQ40K Digital AC Fuel Quantity Tester (RCM)


Tags: Test Equipment,Fuel Quantity,Fuel Quantity Tester,EACH

SKU: 101-01501


Barfield DFQ40K Digital Fuel Quantity Test Set is designed for and is compatible with all aircraft, which have AC capacitance, based Fuel Quantity Indicating Systems including those operational with transient suppressors.

The DFQ40K has the capacity to measure the insulation breakdown of tank units, wiring and connectors associated with the system, capacitance of the tank units which measure the level of fuel in the tanks and simulation of capacitances required to check and calibrate the aircraft indicating system.

The DFQ40K also has an additional troubleshooting mode that will provide the user with a relative indication of a problem associated with the Phase of the return current like that provided by the Barfield 2548H tester. It also measures DC Voltage, Low Resistances and Indicator Drive Current. 

  • Numerous user prompts
  • Completely self contained AC capacitance fuel quantity test system
  • Measures capacitance, insulation, DC voltage, resistance and distance to fault
  • Capacitance simulation and indicator testing
  • Custom multi-line backlit graphic display
  • Microprocessor based
  • Direct keypad entry of Tank and Comp simulation values
  • Uses all existing fuel quantity cables
  • Powered from common "C" batteries with auto-off feature to conserve batteries
  • Uses new generation of Smart Cables to perform Automated Test Routines
  • Calibration date available from display with user alerts to approaching calibration date