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DME Transponder Stub Antenna, BNC, Monopole

DME Transponder Stub Antenna, BNC, Monopole

Description: 104-12 Monopole Transponder Antenna, 1030 – 1090 MHz

Tags: Avionics,Antennas,UHF/L Band Navigation,EACH

SKU: 104-12


The 104-12 transponder antenna is a mono-pole antenna that has a top loaded sphere which creates a factor of reliability and safety for a shorter antenna.

This antenna offers a voltage standing wave ratio of 1.2:1 at 1,090 MHz and less than 2:1 at 1,030 MHz when connected with a 50Ω coaxial transmission line.

The 104 series antennas feature an omni-directional, vertical-polarize radiation pattern when mounted to the underside of the aircraft.

  • Frequency: 1030 MHz to 1090 MHz
  • Standing Wave Ratio: 1.2:1 at 1090 MHz, 2:1 at 1030 MHz