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ELT INTEGRA Retrofit Kit for Ameri-King Evo

ELT INTEGRA Retrofit Kit for Ameri-King Evo


Tags: Avionics,Emergency Beacons,ELT's

SKU: 1002812


The Ameri-Fit pack was created to help Ameri-King ELT owners comply with the FAA’s Airworthiness Directive, which became effective in late 2017 regarding the AK-450 and AK-451 models manufactured by Ameri-King. 

Compliance to safety standards: This new pack will enable you to meet the recent evolving regulations with regards to the (E)TSO C126b standard which prohibits the use of hook-and-loop fasteners for new ELT installations. However, this requirement is not retroactive to existing installations. 

AMERI-KING Retrofit Installation Kit Evo includes:

  • TSO-C126b mounting bracket for Integra AF (S1850551-04)
  • Adapter Cable DIN 12/ RJ11
  • RJ11/RJ11 Coupler
  • Remote Control Panel RC103 RCP (P/N S1820513-25)