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Extruded ETFE Tefzel Wire | 18 AWG, 3-Conductor, SAE AS22759/18 (M27500)

Extruded ETFE Tefzel Wire | 18 AWG, 3-Conductor, SAE AS22759/18 (M27500)

Description: Inner Conductor Type: SAE AS22759/18. Stranded Tinned Copper

Tags: Install Supplies,Wire Cable & Accessories,Wire & Cable,Shielded,FT-100

SKU: 18TG3T14


SAE AS22759/18 is made of special extruded ETFE insulation covering a tin-plated copper conductor. It is light-weight and provides the mechanical toughness and durability suitable for extreme aerospace, military, and commercial environments. This AS22759 wire has a fluoropolymer–insulation and single-conductor offering high performance and reliability in severe wind and moisture prone (SWAMP) zones such as engine nacelles and areas requiring overload stability, low smoke emission, and fire resistance such as aircraft cabins. Meeting the M27500 specifications, its low voltage and high temperature properties makes this wire & cable ideal for both military and commercial applications — including airframes, avionics, and ground support equipment. 

M27500 specifications provide for a wide range of construction options allowing for optimal performance in virtually any environment. Any number of design components are available for users to choose from — including conductor size, number of conductors, insulation type, shield material (or no shield), circuit identification, and single or double walled jacket.