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TRIG TT21 (Complete Kit) Compact Class 2 Mode S Transponder

TRIG TT21 (Complete Kit) Compact Class 2 Mode S Transponder


Tags: Avionics,Transponders & Encoders,Transponders,EACH

SKU: 00710-00


The TT21 is a two-part low power transponder system with a compact control head that includes an integrated altitude encoder. The low 130 watt power output qualifies this unit as a Class 2 transponder which may be used on aircraft cruising slower than 175 knots, and operating below 15,000 feet, IFR or VFR. Its compact size and efficiency makes the TT21 ideal for use via an auxiliary battery in gliders, balloons, or foot launched flight. It features simple operation and a clear and bright display, with manual dimming, which makes it easy to read in all lighting conditions. The control head is splash proof making it ideal for operations in an open cockpit and seaplane.
Mode S technology provides visibility to ATC, commercial, and military traffic. Trig transponders are ADS-B Out capable, with a suitable GPS - sold separately, meeting the latest FAA certification standard for ADS-B known as TSO-C166b.


  • Control head
  • Transponder unit
  • Mounting tray
  • Install kit
  • Installation and user manuals
  • EASA form 1


  • Class 2 Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capable
  • 130 watts nominal output power
  • Compact form factor – fits in a compact or standard 2-1/4 inch instrument hole
  • Minimal depth – create space in your panel for other avionics
  • One handed operation
  • Single press VFR button
  • Rapid Squawk selection
  • Display features tail number and flight level for reference
  • Integrated altitude encoder
  • Certified for IFR / VFR flight
  • Manual dimming feature (adjustable backlight)
  • Splash proof, ideal for open cockpit and seaplane
  • Low power consumption
  • FAA TSO Certification – TSO-C166b the latest ADS-B standard
  • Free FAA ADS-B STC for 576 aircraft types
  • Two year warranty from date of install, U.S. based technical support