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TRIG TMA45 (Complete kit) Superior Audio Panel, Stereo

TRIG TMA45 (Complete kit) Superior Audio Panel, Stereo

Description: Superior audio panel with Bluetooth, 2-6 seats

Tags: Avionics,Communications,EACH,PMA7000BT,Audio

SKU: 01802-00-01


Hosting 2-6 seats the TMA45 has industry leading Trig Digital Noise Reduction (TDNR). By automatically selecting the optimum level of squelch and mic threshold TDNR reduces cockpit noise. This improves an audio environment; it aids pilot concentration and combats fatigue. The TMA45 superior panel also features ’smooth fade’ and Trig Active Mute (TAM) this further removes unwanted background noise from radio static, producing class leading audio quality.

The TMA45’s stereo music entertainment and mobile phone connectivity are best placed to enjoy by creating a more comfortable audio environment. Integrated Bluetooth allows two portable electronic devices to be connected providing stereo music and communication options – it’s the preferred solution for discerning pilots who want to stay connected.

  • Stereo – full support for Bluetooth – phone / music
  • High quality audio processing – TDNR and TAM
  • Superior user interface – simple operation
  • Dedicated buttons for ADF and DME functions
  • Marker beacon receiver – with indicators
  • Supports 2-6 seats
  • Plug and play retro-fit for the GMA 340

The TMA45 is designed to fit in a standard avionics rack, it has two connectors and is a plug and play retrofit for the GMA340.