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TRIG TT21/TN72 | Conspicuity bundle with TA50 (1m) antenna

TRIG TT21/TN72 | Conspicuity bundle with TA50 (1m) antenna

Description: Complete system

Tags: Avionics,Transponders & Encoders,Transponders,EACH

SKU: 02375-00


Australia – approved for use in gliders & balloons. 

TT21/TN72 Conspicuity Bundle – ideal for flight below 15,000 feet where a Class 2 transponder is permissible for Mode S and ADS-B Out. The TN72 and TT21 in combination can be configured to either support TABS (SIL 1) or X configuration (SIL3) in the controller.

  • 1 x TT21 – Mode-S, 1090ES, certified compact transponder (Class 2)
  • 1 x TN72 – certified GPS position source
  • 1 x TA50 – compact antenna with 1m lead and QMA connector (plugs into TN72)