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TRIG TY92 (Complete Kit) VHF RADIO/ Dual Control

TRIG TY92 (Complete Kit) VHF RADIO/ Dual Control


Tags: Avionics,Communications,Airband,Airband Communications,EACH

SKU: 01452-00


Designed for GA and light sport aircraft, Trig Avionics' TY91 and TY92 (01452-00) are certified 25 kHz/8.33 kHz VHF radios that are compact and lightweight—making them ideal for panels with limited space. Both standard units consist of a radio hardware unit and a control head that can be mounted in a standard 2.25 inches round hole. In addition, Trig offers a Dual Control Kit version for both the TY91 or TY92 that allows two radio controllers to integrate with a single Trig radio hardware box; this configuration is ideal for training and flight school use. Users can choose from one of two power output options depending on their needs; the TY91 has a power output of 6 watts and the TY92 has a power output of 16 watts to accommodate longer-range transmissions.

This TY92 (01452-00) has a higher power output of 16 watts which is suitable for longer range transmission and require a 28V power supply
  • Provides more installation options while saving space with a control head and separate radio hardware
  • Certified for 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz VHF transceiver
  • Requires minimal space and weight—can be mounted in a 2.25-inch round hole or in a smaller compact mount; when installed, the control head is only 3-inches deep, meaning it can be installed in a panel where a single radio box doesn't fit
  • Equipped with 9 programmable memories and a dual watch function that allows users to monitor standby frequency
  • Perfect partner for Trig's TT21 and TT22 Mode S transponders
  • Approved for fitting to European and FAA-registered aircraft
  • Includes a built-in speaker amplifier and two place intercom
  • Easily operable with gloves