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TRIG TY92 VHF Compact Radio (Complete Kit) 16W High Power

TRIG TY92 VHF Compact Radio (Complete Kit) 16W High Power

Description: TRIG TY92 VHF Compact Radio.

Tags: Avionics,Communications,Airband,Airband Communications,EACH

SKU: 01080-00


The compact TY92 Transceiver is a 16-watt radio ideal for saving space that can be installed in tight panel spaces. The TY92 meets EASA ETSO and FAA TSO certifications. It is easy to use, faster to tune, and requires minimal depth with less weight. The ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fast channel selection between 8.33 kHz to 25 kHz. Dual Watch allows pilots to monitor two channels simultaneously. The radio's built-in intercom provides great control with various adjustments including mic gain for each headset. A bright and crisp display remains visible during all lighting conditions. 


  • Radio control head 
  • Hardware unit 
  • Mounting tray
  • Install kit
  • Installation manuals


  • 16 watt transmitter power
  • Compact size, low weight and requires minimal panel space
  • Built-in two place intercom
  • ‘Push Step’ knob allows fast switching from 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz or can be set to 25 kHz or 50 kHz steps
  • Dual watch function monitors two frequencies simultaneously
  • Manual dimming feature with adjustable backlight
  • Dual Control – two controller option for tandem cockpits
  • Simple Installation
  • GPS / EFIS compatibility (includes SL40 protocol and Garmin GTR255)
  • Two year warranty from date of install, U.S. based technical support