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TRIG TY97A (Complete Kit) VHF STACK RADIO/ High Power, 22-33V, 16W, 25kHz

TRIG TY97A (Complete Kit) VHF STACK RADIO/ High Power, 22-33V, 16W, 25kHz


Tags: Avionics,Communications,Airband,Airband Communications,EACH

SKU: 01790-00-01


The TY97A 760 channel, panel mounted stack radio is packed with pilot friendly features. The 'Push Step' knob allows the fastest change from 25 kHz to 50 kHz airband frequencies. The radio provides crisp and clear stereo communication, faster tuning, unique programmable USB database, dual watch, and the popular ‘Say Again’ feature. At only 1.3 inches high, the radio saves valuable stack space and weight. Trig’s certified stack radios are designed for both general and light-sport aviation with features that experienced and novice pilots really appreciate.

  • 760 channel
  • 22-33 V, 16 watt
  • Slimline panel mount – only 1.3 inches high
  • Bright, clear display / simple user interface
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ for faster tuning 25 kHz to 50 kHz 
  • Dual Watch – monitor two frequencies at the same time
  • ETSO and TSO approved
  • Stereo music / two-place intercom
  • ‘Say Again’ feature – allows playback of last transmission
  • Emergency button
  • Configurable airfield database – holds over 200 frequencies
  • USB port on facia – upload frequency database (CSV file)
  • Highly efficient – no cooling fans or external cooling required
  • Ideal retro-fit for legacy radios - same height as an SL40
  • GPS / EFIS compatibility (includes SL40 protocol and Garmin GTR255)
  • Two year warranty from date of install, U.S. based technical support