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WRAP-AROUND WIRE SLEEVING | 1/2 " (100FT MIN), Roundit Nomex 2000NX

WRAP-AROUND WIRE SLEEVING | 1/2 " (100FT MIN), Roundit Nomex 2000NX


Tags: Install Supplies,Wire Cable & Accessories,Expandable Sleeve,FT-100

SKU: 2000-NX 13-5


ROUNDIT® 2000 NX is a wrap-around sleeving manufactured from PPS monofilaments
and Nomex* with an oil and water repellent treatment, designed for mechanical
protection and maintenance of wire and cable bundles. Its construction with 100%
covering ratio provides excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance.
The self-wrapping feature of ROUNDIT 2000 NX allows for quick and easy installation
and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance.
This design offers innovative solutions to the protection of breakout areas and also
provides ease of removal when inspection or maintenance of cables is necessary.
ROUNDIT 2000 NX is also available with red tracer lines to identify wire harnesses
connected with weapon systems.
As an additional benefit, ROUNDIT 2000 NX enables users to stock a limited range of
sizes to cover a wide range of cable and wire diameters.
ROUNDIT 2000 NX has many applications in the aeronautical and military industries